UKGT is a leading provider of management taxi and road transportation services

We focus on commercial related ground transportation. All regions of the UK are fully covered which is compliant, safe, robust, simple and fast. Our extensive supply network means that we can travel anywhere in the UK by taxi in under 20 minutes on average. We only work with approved and reviewed suppliers, so our supply chain network is comprehensive and reliable. We place great emphasis on ensuring we do what we say and have robust measures in place to ensure there is no room for error.Top of Form

We have listed the most popular questions below. If you can’t find the question you need, please contact us.

It is quick and easy to open an account with UKGT please contact one of the team and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs

The UKGT service provides many benefits. We adjust each solution we provide to meet the needs of each customer. The main advantages of our services include single point of contact for reservations, online reservations, tracking tools and consolidated invoices with fixed and transparent prices.

UK Ground Transport: Services we offer are backed by our delivery guarantees and the comprehensive strength of our nationwide taxi supply network, state-of-the-art technology and operational experience have created a compelling and bespoke way for our experts to deliver personalized and innovative services to your customers.

UK Ground Transport is designed to keep people moving. We have created a world where, for any company-related ground transportation, employees can connect to our proven nationwide cabin supply network and bring them seamlessly from A to B on demand. We provide a simple and safe way to outsource business taxi and transportation needs. The UK Ground Transport solution allows modern companies to make a rational use of land transport, providing them with a complete solution that provides control, transparency, prudential responsibility and ease of reservation.

We will tailor your booking trip to your needs. We can provide online bookings via our customer gateway, mobile app and phone bookings, via our 24/7 UK call center.

No, opening an account with us is free. You just need to fill out our account request form, once approved you can start booking with us. Can I book anywhere in the UK? UKGT provides an high level of coverage in the UK, enabling our customers to book transport services anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales on demand, with an average response time from call to arrival in less than 30 minutes. All you need is a phone number and a reserve account.

UKGT can analyze current taxi expenditures and design solutions according to customer requirements, allowing you to fully control your travel costs. Contact us and we will be happy to show how our solution can simplify taxi expenses by increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

The following are some of the main reasons:

  • Does your company need to book taxis for business purposes on a regular basis?
  • Is it difficult to track personal costs, receipts, etc.?
  • Does your company need a clear travel policy including taxis and ground transportation to protect you and your employees?
  • Does your business need to ship from multiple locations in the UK?
  • Does your company often need to provide road transportation services for your employees and/or customers in a short period of time?
  • Does your company often spend valuable time and resources on sourcing supplies and managing your freight needs afterwards?
  • Do you sometimes think about your transportation needs and feel confused? “There must be an easier way to handle all this?” Can I open a company account and pay with a company credit card? Yes, you can, contact us, we can design a solution to meet your needs. Can I make a one-time booking to the airport for myself and my family? Unfortunately, UKGT does not provide consumer services to the public. We focus on providing b2b solutions for customers who use regular taxis and road transportation.

We have been working with (UKGT) for the last 6 months and can honestly say it was a good choice, during this whole pandemic drivers have been leaving and since working with UKGT we have added so much out of town bookings and that has the whole town speaking and drivers are coming back. Payments are always on time and there is no headache trying to chase them up.

I just wanted to say that the driver was extremely polite and well mannered, it was very pleasant and safe journey home

Excellent service, I had a taxi to take me home after an on call shift, the taxi was spotless, the driver wore a mask without being asked, he was very polite and i felt safe with his driving, would be happy to use again especially for local journeys

Service provided was excellent. Driver was courteous, polite and friendly. Mask was worn at all times. Did not exceed speed limit. Hope the driver receives this positive feedback