UK Ground Transport was established in June 2021, We currently carry out all of our jobs from our Controller’s Hub in our brand new offices.

We provide a service to many prestige companies and we are always looking for equally  reliable suppliers. We pride ourselves on building relationships in a professional and safe manner with our suppliers and work with many suppliers already all over the UK. We are always on the lookout for new suppliers to meet our ever increasing client base, so why not join us?

Our customers come from a diverse range of sectors, everyone needs to get around and your business will be no different, getting your people (or goods) from a to b quickly and efficiently can help improve the service you provide to your customers. Our clients are businesses that often have complex travel and transport requirements, usually spread over a few locations or requiring extensive geographical coverage and that can ultimately benefit from the expertise and simplification that our managed service can bring. How could you utilise our services to improve the efficiency of your transport needs?

At UK ground transport we are fully aware of the significance of the work we do and we’ll make sure that everything is done properly. All vehicles undergo regular maintenance checks to make sure the vehicles are running as they should. All drivers are also vetted and have regular inspections to ensure they follow compliance policies. At UKGT we ensure we conduct our own inspections of all of our sites to ensure we provide an optimum service at all times.

Our emphasis is on a client and patient centred approach that delivers a strong focus on our teamwork and interdisciplinary working as we undertake more of a broad range of medical transport. Focusing on the needs of all transplant related transport, the patient, our clients and our staff along this journey.

At UK ground transport we are committed to deliver professional corporate transport across all our chosen disciplines, in a manner consistent with care, safety, and customer service. Taking responsibility for regulatory, legal, ethical, governance, environmental and human actions, whilst understanding the need to meet the best service provision possible.

At UK ground transport we have the experience in providing transport services in the field of corporate transport in the UK, and have earned the respect and trust of clients by maintaining consistently high levels of service. We are now in a position to offer the highest standards of service, whilst satisfying the stringent constraints placed on the public purse, we will continue to support the UK’s transplant vision by building strong relationships and partnerships.

We have been working with (UKGT) for the last 6 months and can honestly say it was a good choice, during this whole pandemic drivers have been leaving and since working with UKGT we have added so much out of town bookings and that has the whole town speaking and drivers are coming back. Payments are always on time and there is no headache trying to chase them up.

I just wanted to say that the driver was extremely polite and well mannered, it was very pleasant and safe journey home

Excellent service, I had a taxi to take me home after an on call shift, the taxi was spotless, the driver wore a mask without being asked, he was very polite and i felt safe with his driving, would be happy to use again especially for local journeys

Service provided was excellent. Driver was courteous, polite and friendly. Mask was worn at all times. Did not exceed speed limit. Hope the driver receives this positive feedback